Jonathan Smith Studio has been providing custom-tailored wedding photography to the New York City community and beyond for almost a decade. In addition to shooting weddings and events on the east coast, Jon has also documented occasions as far away as Australia and England.

Jonathan Smith/Principal Photographer

Jon uses his fine art background to infuse his photojournalistic approach to wedding and event photography with classic elegance and style. He offers each couple a bespoke service based upon their unique needs and budget. An expat from Canterbury, England, Jon brings a fresh approach to documenting the big day, keeping his subjects at ease with his unobtrusive and reassuring manner. And when Jon isn’t busy shooting a wedding or event, you can find him hard at work on his fine art photography.

Jon’s fine art work is represented by Rick Wester Fine Art in New York and he is a recent recipient of the prestigious Hearst 8×10 Award.

I get as much pleasure out of shooting a wedding as I do any of my subjects. I approach a wedding the same way as my fine art work—with careful consideration and as a familiar observer documenting the day with the intention of capturing the emotion of a unique and beautiful moment in time.”

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