“We can’t thank you enough for your amazing pictures. You really managed to capture the magic, emotion, and intimacy—from the romance to the revelry—and convey the true essence of our big day. You’ve created such beautiful memories for us to share with our family and friends and to cherish forever.”
Sarah + John




“Eddie and I would like to sincerely thank you for all of the effort and talent that you displayed on our wedding day. You truly captured the emotion with your ever-subtle presence and comforting appeal. Your style portrayed the very character of our special day and we feel truly blessed to have had you take part in its preservation. Our hearts are filled with gratitude.”
Naomi + Eddie



“Jonathan was the perfect presence at our intimate, 10-person wedding. He fit right in with good humor and a smile the whole day through. Because he is a fine artist, Jonathan took full advantage of our beloved NYC backdrop. The results were stunning! We feel so blessed to have these unique photographs that represent our three loves—each other, our son, and this city!”
Nina + Paul



“Jon’s total clarity pre- and post-wedding, and his ability to blend in and be ‘part’ of the wedding made it feel like he was one of the guests—one of us—and completely set me at ease! We loved his enthusiasm, and his outstanding photographic skill and eye have given us beautiful memories that we will always cherish.”
Anna + Brandt



“We are so grateful to Jon for capturing the very essence of our wedding day, with all its intimate and celebratory moments. He shot our wedding effortlessly, working his way through the party with ease, collecting the candid moments we would never have known to ask for. His truly unique compositions and perspective add a distinctiveness and individuality to our wedding album giving it the character and originality we were looking for. Most importantly, Jon’s wonderful pictures allow us to relive the excitement, love, and real joy we felt on our wedding day. Thank you so very much, Jon, for everything, you have helped us hold on to our memories in the most beautiful way.”
Bevin + Ryoichi

“I feel incredibly lucky to have had Jon as our wedding photographer. He was able to capture the true spirit of our simple beachfront wedding. He has an eye for the unexpected and caught many images that have become iconic in our minds. Thank you, Jon, it was an absolute pleasure, you helped make our day spectacular!”
Athena + Dan



“Our ceremony was non-traditional, performed at sunrise, and ended with a group jump into the ocean. The weekend turned out to be extremely hot, very windy, the ocean water was frigid, and the campground was also full of sand burrs. Through all of this, Jon was amazingly accommodating, flexible, and good-natured! He was very unobtrusive, yet his photos perfectly captured the magic of the ceremony and the beauty of the morning. We are tremendously happy with the photos and highly recommend him!”
Jill + Jon